Amtrex WSF has 4-5 times higher elongation strength than Polyethylene (PE) where practical down gauging film thickness will give the following additional benefits :
Reduction in the use of energy in production.
Reduction in the use of fuel for transportation so, reduction in your freight costs too. (Two and a half times as much end product per consignment).
By shipping concentrated liquid or dry formulations in water soluble, single-dose bags, you offer your customers an extremely safe and convenient method to both purchase, handle, and use your products....and you're not paying freight costs to ship water or "filler" ingredients.
Reduced emissions from transportation.

What is the Environmental Impact?

Since AM-WSF decomposes into water and carbon dioxide after dissolving, water soluble products have no harm to the environment and they are totally degradable. In the event of being blown to the ocean, they will soon dissolve in the water, so it reduces the risk for marine animals to swallow them.

Unlimited applications
With the going concern of plastic pollution and the safe disposal of package, the fully degradable water soluble applications are almost limitless. There are endless areas that could benefit from those new developments. The field of health care applications, there are tablet capsules, wound-care applications and also disposable surgical instruments.

SOLUBLE IN COLD WATER - 5° C. 25, 30, 35
SOLUBLE IN COLD WATER - 15° C. 45°C. 25,30,35,40,45
SOLUBLE IN HOT WATER - 60° C. 75°C. 25

Film Thickness
0.025mm, 0.030mm, 0.035mm, 0.040mm, 0.045mm
Custom Thickness
MAX. UP TO 0.080mm
200mts. 500mts. 1000mts.
Max. 1000mm, Min.100mm
Film Surface
Plain & Embossed
(Irregular embossing patterns Film can also be supplied subject to some specified Qty. order)
Transparent as well as few colours as per customized order
The above are standard specifications, pl. contact us for custom dimensions


Good Heat Sealability – the film can be easily sealed.
Excellent Mechanical Properties assures good machinability.
Good tensile strength and elasticity.
Multi directional strength.
Good barrier characteristics.
Anti-Static as it doesn’t require corona treatment for printing like; conventional polyolefin.
Non-hazardous. No hazardous chemicals used during production.
No harmful emissions given off during production.
Non-estrogen mimicking.
Readily accepts specified print processing.
Great property of being printed and decorated (Water transfer printing).
Has user controllable solubility.
Options of both hot and cold water solubility are possible.
After it is dissolved, its residues prove to be non-toxic.
Strong resistance to hydrocarbons, organic solvents, oils, gases.
It is transparent.
Barrier to Oils & Greases.
Barrier to Aromatic & Aliphatic Hydrocarbons.
Barrier to Oxygen & Gases (similar to EVOH).
Barrier to Odors.
Barrier to Ultraviolet Radiation.
Some Grades are compatible to Chlorine, Acid and Alkaline products.
It is compostable & 100% biodegradable.


Avoid extreme humidity & temperature while using and/or storing AM-WSF.
At the time of using AM-WSF on FFS or Packaging Machine, keep the room in controlled atmosphere of moisture content and temperature.

Before using AM-WSF on FFS or Packaging Machine it is advisable to keep film roll in the room condition for more than 24 hours as indicated below :

Suitable usage conditions for AM-WSF are 10° C.~25° C. temperature AND
45%~75% RH ( relative humidity )
Ideally, the Packing System & procedure should be done in a closed room so that atmospheric conditions do not affect the property & quality of the film.

Use Humidifier in the packing / FFS Machine room as the film may get stiffer & become brittle during cold atmosphere in winter.

Use De-humidifier when there is higher humidity - you may also use Air-conditioner to reduce the softness of the film if needed depending on the situation & atmospheric conditions. The film may get softer when there is a higher humidity as well as during Monsoon

The film already contains 4% to 5% Moisture in it which should be kept in mind before deciding the application.
The normal dissolution time would be around 2-3 minutes. However, the dissolution time depends on :
The thickness of the film (lower the thickness - faster the dissolution)
Temperature of water (higher the temperature - faster the dissolution)
The pressure of water & steering (higher the pressure - faster the dissolution)
Climatic conditions
Working type & method
The materials - chemical powder & its properties filled in, etc.
Use the film as soon as possible once opened from the packing and do not expose the film roll for longer period in open air. WSF is having tricky & dramatic properties. It poses danger of changing the film property faster if film is exposed to an open air or in open & un-packed condition.

The un-used rolls should be packed or wrapped again immediately with moisture proof packing of Metalized paper + Polyethylene film and the same should be kept well wrapped in a carton Box.
After it is dissolved, its residues prove to be non-toxic.

AM-WSF may show insolubility depending on the products packaged, post production or processing system, climatic conditions, Grades used, etc. It is recommended to execute laboratory test in advance and evaluate the data of real packaging.

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