Recommendation of suitable Water Soluble Film

In order to enable us to offer & supply you the right quality of Water Soluble Film, it is necessary for us to know the application. In case, the application is packaging, kindly fill in the following Query - Form. We request you to kindly furnish as much details as possible and briefly describe the application and the requirements for the film.
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Name the product which you are going to pack?  
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If it is a Solid, what is the Bulk Density / Specify Gravity? 
If it is a Liquid, Paste or Gel, what are the Specific Gravity / Viscosity? 
What is the amount -% of moisture content in the product to be packed?
What is the pH of a 1% solution / dispersion of the product?
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What is the desired solubility time?
Will another over packing / wrapping be used? If yes, which material / materials do you intend to use?


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What are the storage conditions of the finished products?
Relative Humidity 
Is your product currently being packed in Water Soluble Film?
A) If yes, which type of film?
B) At what temperature it is soluble?
C) Which thicknesses are you using?
D) Can you give us any price indications per Sq. Mts. or per Roll or per KG.?
E) Please let us know if possible, the reasons for looking an alternative supplier?
Where will the Packaging be done
  Type of Equipment will be used
Annual Volume of product to be packaged?
Is the Packaging Room Environmentally Controlled
Condition of the Packaging Room
Relative Humidity

Please avoid extreme humidity and temperature when using or storing these Water Soluble Films. Optimum storage conditions are temperatures between 15 - 35°C

  • Relative humidity between 45 - 75% RH and away from direct sunlight.
  • When using film for the first time, keep the film in a controlled atmosphere room, at ambient moisture content and temperature for 24 hours prior to use.
  • When not in use, always wrap the film roll with polyethylene film and keep well wrapped.