Welcome to the world of “Amtrex” Water Soluble Films and Biodegradable Packaging Technology where our innovative Products can meet your packaging and ecological requirements in the best suitable manner.

Amtrex Nature Care Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of variety of Plastics & Packaging films in India. “Amtrex” offers a wide range of water soluble packaging films which is custom designed for biodegradable & environmental friendly applications as well as waste source reduction and are continuously developing new products for innovative environmental friendly applications.

By maintaining highest level of technical sales, support & logistics with a clear focus on excellence of service and superior products; it leads to the highest level of confidence in supply for our customers and assurance of competitive prices.

Our aim is to be the world's best & most preferred manufacturer of water-soluble and Biodegradable films, creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer and healthier life for people world over as well as to anticipate and meet customer’s needs in the Conception, Development and Implementation of Water Soluble Films and Biodegradable Packaging Systems by maintaining higher standard of quality, providing competitive pricing, offering innovative solutions, highest degree of satisfaction to our customers and delivering it on time.

  We accomplish this by providing an environment that :
Is safe to live today as well as for coming generation.
Promotes all round & continuous improvement.
Incorporates the best practices in all our process & operating systems.
Promotes standards of excellence in the performance of all tasks and functions.
Gives employees the resources they need, in the form of training, job knowledge, equipment, technology, etc., to achieve excellence in all of their endeavors at “Amtrex”.
Maintains a culture which promotes a mutual regard and respect, and where people are recognized for their achievements and contributions.

 The default principles that drive our management policies are :
It is and would always be our priority to understand our customer's needs and expectations and deliver the same.
Continuous improvement is an integral part of our strategy.
We strive to treat our customers and employees with due respect and dignity.
Global warming being a grave matter of concern has always inspired us to act in accordance.
Boosting sustainability is our prime motto.

 “Amtrex” has wide varieties of water soluble film used for controlled dosages and packaging systems. Constant efforts are being done to develop New & Innovative applications that enable to satisfy a broad spectrum of demand.

We are open to join our hands with Innovative Products & Ideas for any eco-friendly product development worldwide.

Our long term experience & expertise in the field of Green products and biodegradable plastics encourages Innovations in day-to-day life.